•    BMCR was created to develop optical readers and special machines to be able to exploit materials that would end in a landfill or to an incinerator, turning them into raw materials to be used to produce new objects.
•    It cooperates with many foreign companies to offer the most advanced technologies to screen various materials.
•    New systems to separate light fraction/heavy fraction are studied to sort materials.
•    BMCR designs machines for crushing plants of plastics coming from waste collection. It has also designed the first bag opener that doesn’t break the bag content, but that simply tears the bag.
•    The NIR technology for polymers characterization is enhanced.
•    It reinforces its staff by employing engineers for the development of BMCR technologies.
•    It manufactures optical sorters by polymer for plastic materials coming from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
•    It manufactures optical sorters by polymer and colour and to characterize plastic materials considering fillers and additives.

Neuigkeiten auf der Ecomondo 2020 - Schwarze optische Sortierpräsentation für Polymere Optischer G