Open House BMCR Srl - from 02/11/2015 until 18/12/2015

Open House BMCR Srl ... for the month of November and until the 14 December 2014.
Are invited all companies that sorts material post-consume, urban waste, industrial waste and that are interested to develop their  plants with BMCR machines.
On the occasion of the Open House there will be presented and tested the latest new products.
It will be possible to do tests on the machine with your own material and analyze directly the results.
In particular the machines that could be seen and tested are the following:

1) Optical sorting machines for polymers SSR2P-V___SSR2P-O
To recognize and sort plastic polymers (with or without flame retardants), of grinded materials from few millimeters to several centimeters.
Separation of film ldpe, separation of all the plastics of liquid containers, separation electronic boards, WEEE, quality control flakes or grinded.

2) Sorting machine for metals MDL
Separation of metals and metallic materials, ferrous and  non-ferrous (stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, metallic labels, etc…)

3) A range of screening systems that has no equals: from few mm to 300x300 mm with different systems.
We will have available:
Vibrator screens with interchangeable grid VV-P
Ballistic separator VO-96-160

4) Sorting systems for film ldpe 60RAW-V and other applications
For the separation of the ldpe film from the flux of the urban waste.

Demonstrations will be made on appointment previous agreement on the type of interest required.
It will suffice to send us an e-mail request at the address to the kind attention of Mr. Canestrini Gabriele, specifying:
-  kind of interest
-  in which field the company works
-  names of the people for which prepare the invitation and their role in the company

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