BMCR is born to create a new way to recycle post-consumer  materials, adopting the most advanced technology in the international field supported by a continuous research to exploit and reclaim materials,  that otherwise with traditional systems would be destroyed. For example,  in Europe less than 10% of plastics are recycled and not properly exploited.
To produce one ton of plastic requires about 900 liters of petrol, 14kw, 200 m3 of water, while 2 tons of well sorted used plastic, 1000kw and 1 m3 of water would be sufficient ...
BMCR supports with its technology all the customers willing to turn this waste into resources and environmental protection.

Our company is constantly promoting investments in research and development and  improving its technology  to meet the market demands.

BMCR Srl manufactures and designs special, new concept machines to install in sorting and recycling plants for material coming from:

- Unsorted collection
- Sorted collection
- WEEE (waste electrical-electronic materials)
- Plastic from waste sorting
- Plastic, glass, cans from waste sorting
- Paper, Cardboard from waste sorting

We also manufacture:

- Metals sorting plants
- Machines for washing plant of  materials to manufacture flakes and granules
- Machines for the preparation of material for incineration (RDF or similar)
- Machines for the preparation of materials for wood chips production  

Our customers are manufacturing companies, complete plants, engineering offices, business operators.
We provide our customers customized solutions, the BMCR’s technical department  offers tailor-made solutions, 3D-design and engineering for every specific need.

We can design and manufacture machineries for plants from 2 to over 160 t / h, including:

- Bag openers
- Bale breakers
- Chain conveyor belts
- Discs screens, distance between discs from 3 mm  up to 500x500 mm
- Ballistic screens
- Air screens 60RAW separation  flat bodies / hollow bodies (plastic wrap / pet-pe bottles) (plastic / glass) etc.
- Spreader screens
- Bottle presses
- Optical sorting machines  with NIR technology for sorting by polymers, colors, materials from few millimeters upwards…
- Sorters of  ferrous and non-ferrous metals
- Storage silos
- Walking-floor